Dallas Observer 12/03/2018

When Heather McKinney and Christie Wallace found out the podcast they co-host, Sinisterhood, cracked iTunes' top 10 list for U.S. Comedy Podcasts, they assumed something must be wrong. After seeing how many times Sinisterhood had been downloaded in such a short period, Wallace went so far as to reach out to the website host to report a possible issue. It wasn’t until the next morning that the Dallas-based comedians realized the user activity had propelled their true crime/horror/comedy podcast to be listed next to the likes of Joe Rogan, Anna Faris and other podcast royalty.


Theater Jones 11/23/2018

Dallas Comedy House bills itself as a place for standup, improv, sketch, and storytelling. To that list we can now add “live podcast tapings,” as local comics Christie Wallace and Heather McKinney pressed the record button in front of an enthusiastic audience on a Friday night in October.

The podcast, Sinisterhood, takes on a subject from the world of true crime and Forteana, riffs on it, and Wallace and McKinney in the end make individual declarations on their beliefs in the matter.

One of the most pleasant surprises of the taping was the house was probably 95 percent full, but I recognized very few faces, which means not a lot of comedy regulars. Which is to say, Sinisterhood has built their own robust following, independent of the DFW comedy scene.


Theater Jones 03/23/2018

AH, OK Comedy is Adam Fullerton and Heather McKinney performing all the roles of a local morning television show from hosts to cameraman to remote reporter to interviewee to bystander to whatever else is need. Wednesday night, they performed “AH, OK Presents: Good Morning Tonight” and also solicited a lot of information from an audience member.

McKinney adeptly copped a Jersey accent portraying a studio host who is the boss’s daughter in more than one sense whose boyfriends keep falling down the cliffs for some reason. Fullerton feigned fear while throwing it to reporters on the scene and teasing upcoming segments/bits for the morning show/improv show. The duo worked seamlessly and hilariously, especially within one recurring thread about the foliage in New Hampshire.


Texas Bar Journal 11/2017

On one stage, Heather McKinney is a Dallas-based wealth management attorney. On another, she’s an improv actor and comedy writer. Influenced by In Living Color, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, and Mr. Show—sketch comedies where the absurd meets a sane world—the lawyer-turned-actor is a fixture at the Dallas Comedy House, where she works with her troupes, Watermelon and AH, OK.