Upcoming Live Shows and Appearances



August 22 at 6PM - Christie and I will be interviewing Billy Jensen about his new book Chase Darkness with Me at Interabang Books - Click here for details.

Upcoming Live Shows

August 17 at 10pm - The Cult  - A whole show based on a single word. Featuring Christie Wallace of Sinisterhood

August 18 at 4pm - Brownie Troupe #3025 - A JTS Brown, where the scenes are dictated by the combination of players on stage.

August 24 at 5pm - Disappearing Inc. - You’ll hear a true story then see an improvised series of scenes based on the details.

August 25 at 4pm - Manic Pixie Dream Girls - An improvised one-act-play 

August 28 at 10:45pm - Watermelon - Your favorite singer/songwriter/band will inspired these improvised scenes

Tickets at DallasComedyHouse.com