Howdy! I’m Heather. I host a podcast, write essays, perform comedy, and practice law.

I have been improvising and writing sketches for over ten years. I took my very first class at ComedySportz in Dallas, then moved to Chicago in 2007 where I performed as a member of Red Light School District, the house troupe at University of Illinois-Chicago and a pH Productions pHarm Team. We did shows at all the main theaters, all the diviest bars, and in front of crowds of thoroughly excited high schoolers as well as ballrooms full of very dissatisfied anesthesiologists.

I moved back to Dallas in 2011 to go to law school at SMU, but spent most of my time writing, directing, producing, and acting in the filmed sketch comedy revue “Follies” presented annually at the Magnolia Theater. After law school, I graduated from the Dallas Comedy House Improv Comedy Conservatory. 

Currently, I practice private equity and M&A law in Dallas, perform regularly at Dallas Comedy House, and host Sinisterhood - a true crime/mystery podcast that was ranked in the iTunes Top 10 Comedy Podcasts and has been downloaded over 300,000 times. I’ve performed at comedy festivals across the country, from the prestigious mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania to the finest warehouses of Orange County, CA. 

I’ve also been published in the oldest scholarly periodical in the English language devoted primarily to the legal and economic problems affecting aviation and space. You can read that article by clicking here.